Junior Meat Goat Show Circuit

The JMGSC was organized in 1996 to reward Junior Meat Goat Exhibitors that are competitively involved in exhibiting market meat goats throughout Texas in Prospect Livestock Shows, Jackpot Livestock Shows and State Market Meat Goat Livestock Shows.

The JMGSC is dedicated to assisting individuals and organizations in producing high quality market meat goat livestock shows with rules/guidelines that are as consistent as possible.

The Junior Meat Goat Show Circuit members and parents of members are dedicated to promoting and spreading information about the market meat goat industry.

News and Events

Per the Board meeting in October, Points year has been changed to May 1 – April 30.  Therefore, points for majors shows in 2019 will count towards the 2018 points year.

Scholarship Application available on the Forms tab. Winners will be announced on July 28, 2019 at the JMGSC shows to be held in Kerrville.